Компания Cinexus | Онлайн кинотеатр, онлайн кастинг, стримминговая площадка

О нас

CINEXUS is a unique Internet-portal, which combines a streaming platform and a social network. It is place where people can communicate and discuss movies, upload their videos, view and vote for their favorite films, actors, scripts.

CINEXUS is an interactive streaming platform where the viewer is not just a passive viewer, but a person who makes decisions that affect the success of other people.

CINEXUS is a global and multifunctional portal in the field of film and show business and a social network, a community of creative people with many interesting ideas. The name of the CINEXUS portal comes from the confluence of two separate words “cinema” (cinematography) and “nexus” (connection), which means that the portal connects the entire cinema world in one platform.

The Cinexus Project appeared in 2010 and initially it was called "The Big Casting", and then "Next Star-Me". The functionality of this project was limited to the search for talented actors for film, television and commercial projects in the CIS countries. Gradually, the project's functionality expanded and the project received a new name - CINEXUS, and was registered in the state of California, USA on March 25, 2013. Copyright, patents and intellectual property certificates are registered for the project idea.

Millions of people in the world have one simple thing in common - they all love to watch movies. A movie that gives them hope, makes them happy, encourages them to experience deep feelings and emotions. People like different genres, but there are very few people who are absolutely indifferent to cinema. The world is changing rapidly, but cinema is loved and will always be loved. Modern trends in the development of the industry indicate the onset of a turning point, revolutionary moment in the development of the industry, when we can invite people around the world to be not just spectators, but become creators, to be a part of a film project. So there comes CINEXUS- a unique portal to make it happen!

Have you ever wanted to watch the movie of your where actors, crew and even ending is the way you want it to be.

Everything is possible with CINEXUS!

CINEXUS presents an excellent opportunity for talented people from around the world to show their talent. The portal will allow to reveal new talents - including actors, directors, composers, artists and all creative people. Give birth to new Spielbergs and James Camerons, new Tarantinos, etc. Unlock new DiCaprio, Julie Roberts, Angelina Jolie, etc.

But the most unique is the fact that people all over the world themselves choose and vote for actors, choosing the plot, choosing the team.

CINEXUS is a unique platform in the field of cinema and show business, which makes users accessible and open both to a wide audience (other users of the portal) and to industry professionals looking for new faces and talents.

We offer them the opportunity to get a role, major or episodic, this brings them closer to their dreams.

The film crew of the project can also be determined as a result of online voting. Directors, painters, cameramen, editors, etc. are selected by voting for their vision of the project. The winner is the one who offers the most interesting vision from the users' point of view

The script, the idea of the film will also be proposed by both professionals and ordinary people, everything is decided by a vote. Who will propose the most creative and interesting film idea. The winning project has the opportunity to attract funding for the implementation of the idea and form a team, actors and obtain copyright registration.